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Digital X-Ray & Panorex

Digital X-Ray & Panorex

At Yorkville Family Dental we use a digital x-ray system to take images of your teeth and jaw. The sensitive computer sensor uses 90% less radiation than traditional x-ray machines. The digital sensor sees great details and the image can be magnified 300x its normal size. Contrast can be adjusted to reveal details normal film might not detect. Because there is no development cycle, images are available within seconds of being taken! The digital system does not use hazardous chemicals to develop film and therefore avoids producing hazardous waste.

The panorex x-ray digital machine takes a “panoramic” picture of your teeth. The machine moves through a half-circle motion that captures an image of your entire mouth.

Our digital x-ray images can also detect cavities when they are small and easily treated. Small cavities typically do not cause pain, so patients are usually unaware that they have them. Finding and fixing cavities while they are small saves you time, money, and the potential pain caused by larger cavities.