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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Unfortunately, sometimes a tooth infection will make it necessary to perform a root canal. While the idea of root canal therapy procedure can be scary, techniques have advanced greatly.

Root canals are now efficient procedures that can be performed quickly and comfortably. Root canal therapy is a valuable procedure that helps preserve an infected tooth that might otherwise require extraction. During this procedure, specialized instruments are used to cleanse the interior of your tooth and remove the infection. After that, your tooth will be filled and, if necessary, capped with a temporary crown.

Dr. Laguatan will take the time to ensure your comfort before beginning your procedure. Throughout the treatment, Dr. Laguatan will monitor your comfort level. After the procedure, he will provide after-care instructions to help you avoid complications.

If you are in pain, call Yorkville family Dental right away. Leaving an infected or seriously damaged tooth untreated can cause unnecessary problems with your other teeth, making the situation worse and more difficult to treat.